How to Extend the Results of Teeth Whitening

You look in the mirror and can’t believe how flawless your teeth look after having them whitened. Professional whitening does miracles for your smile, but there’s one thought that always bugs you: How long will the results last?

With poor maintenance, your teeth can get stained even a month after a whitening treatment. Our team at MJM Family & Cosmetic Dentistry wants to help you avoid this scenario. We put together a list of maintenance tips to extend the results of your teeth whitening.

Be cautious with staining foods and drinks 

Just like clothes, teeth get stained when they come in contact with tea, coffee, soda, or even foods like berries. 

But life is too short to consume only foods and beverages that don’t stain teeth. Drink water or rinse your mouth after enjoying an occasional soda or intensely colored food item to avoid stains. You can also opt for a straw so your front teeth don’t come in contact with your drink.

Protect your enamel 

If your enamel is weakened, your chances of developing stains on your teeth are increased. Acidic foods such as pickles and fruit juices can eat away at your enamel over time. 

Abrasive toothpaste and overbrushing with a hard-bristled toothbrush can also harm your teeth and gums. 

Don’t forget to brush and rinse regularly 

Oral hygiene comes first. After a teeth whitening treatment, you may experience some sensitivity, and this makes oral hygiene even more important. 

If you’re on the go and can’t brush your teeth after a snack, carry some mouthwash with you or rinse your teeth with plain water right after you finish eating.

Go for a consult at least twice per year

Getting touch-ups every six to 12 months is key for maintaining your results. After all, stains will occur, especially if you’re a regular coffee drinker or if you smoke. 

Learn more about teeth whitening

Teeth whitening often gets a bad rap, as it’s sometimes associated with sensitive gums and weakened enamel. However, if you choose to get your teeth whitened in a professional setting, you’ll reap all the benefits without the downsides. 

Dental professionals make the whitening process convenient and reduce your chances of developing sensitivity because the whitening gel they use doesn’t stay on your teeth long enough to cause damage.

If you live in Fairfax, Virginia, and are concerned about staining, contact us to schedule an appointment and get expert advice for keeping your teeth white longer.

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