Learn How Our Sedation Methods Can Help You Overcome Dentist Jitters

In today’s virtual world, many people no doubt wish their dental appointments could be done virtually, especially if they start to feel jittery and nervous every time they have to go to the dentist’s office. While you can do many amazing things with technology, no one has yet figured out how to clean, examine, or repair your teeth without actually visiting the dentist.

With sedation dentistry, however, you can experience a calm, nerve-free visit every time. It means getting the oral care you need without the anxiety or fear.

At MJM Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Fairfax, Virginia, we are committed to providing you with a stress-free dental visit by putting our sedation dentistry techniques to work. Here’s what you need to know.

What is sedation dentistry?

Because many people have some fear of going to the dentist — studies show 60% of people worldwide fall in this category — sedation dentistry was developed to help patients have a calm, relaxing experience when they’re in the office.

Whether your trepidations have developed because of traumatic dental care as a child, a bad experience as an adult, or simply due to stereotypes, we understand that the fears are real. Many people postpone or even cancel their dental visits simply because they’re anxious.

We can provide sedation right along with the dental treatment you’re undergoing so you can relax and focus on the health of your teeth instead of dealing with nerves. 

What are the benefits of sedation dentistry?

Because sedation dentistry takes away the fear and stress of the dentist’s office, it helps you stick to the recommended routine for dental visits, which is very important for the health of your teeth and mouth. You’re much less likely to postpone or cancel if you know you don’t have to deal with that stress the whole time you’re at the office.

This option can help you overcome your dentist jitters because your muscles are looser and your whole body is relaxed as the tension drains away. This also makes conditions better for your dentist and hygienist as they treat you. You leave our office with a healthy smile.

What methods are available?

Dr. Malcolm Murray and his team offer two types of sedation.

Nitrous oxide

Many patients who have mild or moderate anxiety make use of the nitrous oxide option. Also known as laughing gas, it works well for children who are nervous, too.

Dr. Murray administers the gas through a facial mask so you begin to feel calm almost immediately. You don’t have a long recovery period after your dental treatment is complete because the gas wears off fairly quickly. You should be able to go back to your daily routine when the work is done.

Oral conscious sedation

Oral conscious sedation is the next level up for patients whose anxiety is more severe. This method involves a prescription from Dr. Murray for a medicine you take before you come to the office.

You need someone to drive you to and from your appointment if you choose this option. While you’re here for your exam or procedure, you remain calm and relaxed.

If sedation dentistry appeals to you because of the anxiety you normally feel when you go to the dentist, it’s time to make a change. Contact MJM Family and Cosmetic Dentistry today. We can’t wait to put our expertise to good use for you!

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