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Dentures – Fairfax, VA

Smile Confidently Even After Tooth Loss

Losing a tooth as a child is a rite of passage, a sign that you’re growing up, but losing an adult tooth can be devastating. But it’s actually quite common—about 120 million Americans are missing at least one tooth, and approximately 36 million have no natural teeth left at all. The good news is that whatever teeth you’ve lost because of gum disease, injury, or another cause can be replaced with dentures. Are you ready to smile again? Our team at MJM Family & Cosmetic Dentistry is happy to give your confidence a boost with personalized dentures.

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Why Choose MJM Family & Cosmetic Dentistry for Dentures?

Types of Dentures

full and partial dentures

With dentures, prosthetic teeth (which usually consist of porcelain or acrylic crowns) are attached to a gum-colored base. Although each denture is customized according to your unique needs, there are generally two types of dentures: partials and full dentures. If you have some natural teeth left within the arch, a partial denture may meet your needs. In some ways, partials look a lot like a puzzle piece that completes your smile. On the other hand, full dentures compensate for total tooth loss.

Benefits of Dentures

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If you’ve experienced tooth loss in any capacity, you’re likely already familiar with the struggles of missing teeth. Biting and chewing nutritious food becomes much more difficult, and you can become self-conscious about how your smile looks with gaps in it. In the case of total tooth loss, even when your mouth is closed, it can collapse and give you a more sunken look. Dentures can restore your confidence, enable you to eat again, and keep your facial profile as youthful as possible.

Process of Getting Dentures

partial dentures

Before we create your custom dentures, we’ll take care of any preliminary work that needs to be done. This could include gum disease therapy or even tooth extraction. Then, we’ll take digital impressions of your mouth and take measurements so that the dental lab can be meticulously precise. You may need to come into our office a couple of times for fittings, but ultimately, you’ll have dentures that fit comfortably.

Implant Dentures

implant dentures

Modern dentures are much more effective than those of the past, but even with advancements in the materials and technology, dentures alone can only do so much. Unfortunately, they need to be adjusted often and replaced about every five to seven years. However, when you attach your dentures to implants, your dentures can last for more than 20 or even 30 years! Implant dentures also prevent the jawbone from shrinking, which means that you can retain your original biting strength and more easily maintain a healthy diet.

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